Melanie is partnering with Michael Ellison, Ph.D. in a new local business to awaken you to the magic you are. It’s very arts-based and we’re hoping to have a lot of fun together. Find out more at and subscribe for info and events.

First event is “Ways Through” Playshop on Sunday, April 26, 2015 from 1-4p. Go to above link for more info and to register.

Second event is a SPLEZZAZZ Extraordinary Possibilities Party on May 30 from 7:30-10p at Asherah’s Garden Holisitic Boutique, 315 N. Grove in Bowling Green, Ohio. Space is limited for that one, so like us on Facebook and get an invite. Watch for the Early Bird Specials to save some $$.

Thanks for being a friend – fan – art and transformational 6th sensory! Rah Rah Rah 🙂