cct coaching

Conscious awareness and intention have the potential to shift and change life challenges and issues into opportunities for learning, growth and self-awareness.

Melanie combines several energy modalities to help you make new choices and transform your life. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

Find the magic of who you are instead of imagining the worst version of you.  Discover what is possible – find a meaning behind what happens to you in life that gives you options and perspective.

Worlds of possibility open when you find you have a choice – instead of feeling afraid, unconfident, stuck or out of options. You also discover something that your doctor may never connect you to – that there is something beyond yourself that gives you a multi-dimensional perspective on you and life. Some people call that sacred, holy, divine , God/Goddess/ Dreat Spirit – the great Mystery.

Discover and then create your life from a new vantage point, even a new attitude 🙂

aplace4us on Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals for more information about what Melanie does and offers. Although she has retired from Reiki sessions & bodywork, she still coaches & mentors by phone & in person.

Reiki can be done remotely or “at a distance” & may still be used in coaching transformation sessions.

Conscious Awareness & transformation through intention