old – DWTS – Caramba DWTS great experience 4-19

What a treat to hear all that great music and enjoy so much of the performances Monday night.

Niecy and Louis. Jive. My mark 10.
Boy, don’t ever tell then they’re boring! Wow. Sexiest, latinest jive I’ve ever seen. I recorded the show and watched them dance twice. So lively. So fun. I doubt Niecy can get sharper right now as she’s simply not made that way. But part of what’s wonderful about any kind of dance is that anyone can do it. Niecy was a tad slow but it didn’t matter. It is her and Louis took up the slack. This was a dance in which I felt, “Whoa, do I want to dance with someone like Louis.” This dance was so vibrant and joyous that I didn’t care about any “lack”. I know I know–not what a ballroom judge would say. It’s a point system and has rules. Well, I’ll take the 110% from performance and joy and Niecy’s humor and move it on over to technique.

Chad and Cheryl. Quickstep. My mark 8.
Great choreography and lots of fun. I did notice Chad’s stiffness in the upper back and his rigid hold that made me uncomfortable watching them. Moments of musicality and in-sync-ness then there’d be like a blip on the radar screen and I’d see awkwardness or distance between her as a pro and him as a non-dancer.

Erin and Maks. Jive. My mark 8.
Great style, characterization, idea. I really enjoyed this and want to make that clear for Maks’ sake. However, something seemed oddly difficult for Erin or she was somehow off-balance emotionally with it. The dance was so enjoyable in its shape, humor and content. Loved it. If I had my way, I’d want to challenge this pair for next time. Give me the most gut-wrenching earthy sensual performance you’ve ever done. Why? Because as an energy practitioner I sense mysterious vibrational goings on with this couple that wouldn’t be addressed through massage or chiropractic or psychoanalysis. What would I say that could propel them on? Use your animosity in rehearsal in the dancing. Don’t hold back. Show it. Maks, too. Otherwise, much too soon it’ll be dosvidanya I fear.

Jake and Chelsie. Cha Cha. My mark 7.
Some great sexy moves. It was a great idea and Jake really attacked it. Like with Chad, I noticed Jake’s stiff upper back. Because I loved some of the beginning moves, I wanted more of that but the dance didn’t develop that way. Sometimes the choreography seemed piecy and they’d get out of sync and then get back in it. He punches it. His energy is so out there that if he didn’t have the control he does, his dancing would come off as wild and erratic, I think.

Pamela and Damian. Quickstep. My mark 6.
Vivacity and great characterization on Pam’s part. Sometimes Pam seemed slow and since this is the quickstep, I got distracted by her. Not terrifically ingenious choreography for her after so much imaginative choreography performed by others. Damian needs to step up the choreography for her.

Kate and Tony. Foxtrot. My mark 5.
Slow and again in Kate’s case rather awful to behold. Tony is dancing so well and he makes such an effort to be creative and innovative but she’s just not up to it. I’m growing tired of seeing that setup in rehearsal, too. This is a dance competition and sometimes the public voting needs to remember that. My take on her energy is that she has a kind of underlying depression and that adds to her fatigue.

Derek and Nicole. Tango. My mark 10.
Definitely tango. Very inventive and fun. I love how Derek gives us levels, slow and felt moves contrasted with fast sequences full of attack and lots of action. This dance had precision and such nuances. Really well crafted. I’d like to do that tango. The performance presents an interesting case for me. Nicole and Derek were so precise and the dance was obviously well-rehearsed, which helped Nicole feel more confident and effective. In some sense though, this dance was not as involving as it could be, partly it’s style. I think Nicole’s nervousness gets in the way of her really being able to express her love of dance, which I know she has and I know about from my own experiences ballroom dancing. This style of “play-acting” comes off as superficial to me and could hold this competitive team back from scoring higher if it comes down to choosing between two pairs.

Evan and Anna. Rumba. My mark 10.
Though the choreography was not on the par of Derek’s tango, the feeling of it was superb and drew me in. So elegant and beautifully, sensitively done. I felt them. Evan’s port de bras, gorgeous. Evan’s hip action might work better if he thinks of the movement coming from his spine at the waist and through the weight shifting onto each foot. He’s trying to work it at the hip and with his long body it doesn’t work for him. Anna looked exquisite. On feeling alone, these two are the champions for the season so far–even though they didn’t get the highest marks from the judges this time.