old – DWTS 11-22-10

For the first time that I’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars I was unable to access the voting page to vote. I was returned to the sign in page time after time. This does not bode well for a fair vote after all I’ve been reading on Twitter and in the newspapers about the political nature of the voting.

Last week I watched with my parents in the hospital and did not write up my notes due to being in the hospital with my mother for several days. I will say that I believe Bristol Palin surviving as long as she has on DWTS is not due to her talent or skill as a dancer. The show has never been about most improved. It’s either been about the best dancer or the one who has the most fans. Brandy far surpassed Bristol in quality of movement, expression, and the sheer love of performing. I feel that she deserved to be in the finals.

This week:
Kyle & Lacey. Foxtrot. My mark 9.
So enjoyable. Full of razzle dazzle. I saw nuances which I always look for and appreciate. These two are wonderful partners, love what they do and are able to convey that. Kyle is so musical and expresses such joy and richness. A gem of a dance.

Bristol & Mark. Jive. My mark 7.
In rehearsal she did not even participate. That set a certain tone for me warranted or not. Bristol still has no leg articulation. Her arms move like appendages and not from her core. Your core or center is emotional. The way Bristol uses her arms hinders her. They’re not expressive. I found this dance difficult to watch. She isn’t inherently musical and her effort is visceral. I don’t agree with Carrie Ann Inaba. For me anything that seems like vibrancy in Bristol is so shallow that it feels fake. Bristol is still frightened.

Is DWTS promoting mediocrity and hypocrisy instead of caliber? As someone who has danced all my life, I have to ask that this season. Around the 2nd or 3rd week Bristol began to come out of herself, and that is to be applauded and encouraged. However, for many weeks since, I saw no growth and nothing that would cause me to give her high scores. She did not dance better than Audrina, Kurt, Rick or Brandy. This late in the game there is no way that this dance merited a 9 because Kyle and Jennifer are far beyond Bristol on so many levels.

Jennifer & Derek. Paso. My mark 9.
I feel that these two can dance their hearts out for America and they have no chance to win due to the political situation of which they are a part. I hope I’m proved wrong.

This dance was dramatic, musical and creative. However, I felt Jennifer needed more contrast in her dancing in this particular piece. That’s what makes dancing an art. Jennifer is unable to be as sharp as she could be to better highlight contrasting qualities. This could be from injury, fatigue or age-related. Still in comparison to Bristol, there is delicacy, strength, articulation of the legs and feet, arms, and so much more. Jennifer is a beautiful dancer able to show us the choreography and the qualities inherent in it. She is a delight. She has a more full expression of her soul whenever she performs.

Kyle & Lacey. Freestyle. My mark 10.
This dance made me laugh and cry. What incredible talent. Unusual, creative and incredibly entertaining. Kyle was so limber and performed moves I couldn’t believe I was seeing. What charisma! Again, loved their playful connection and partnership. God thank you for letting me witness that dance! Great choreography, Lacey.

Bristol & Mark. Freestyle. My mark 8.
Bristol is a beginner and it shows. If she wins, I believe she’ll feel the sham of it. She knows she isn’t as good as Jennifer or Kyle. Her legs don’t articulate still. There were moments that were awkward and ungainly. She did okay though.

For the first time I felt pity for this young woman in the middle of a political and compromising situation. She had no understanding of many of the movements Mark gave her. I didn’t compare her performance to the musical however. She’s a beginner – someone you’d be proud of were she your child in a recital or in the pre-Bronze category of a student showcase. If Bristol wants to continue dancing, I suggest she study jazz. I think she might come to enjoy it.

Jennifer & Derek. Freestyle. My mark 10.
Fun, nuanced, well danced and performed. The music reconnected us to Dirty Dancing and showed off Jennifer to the hilt. She was more free than at the beginning of the season. Her moves were intricate, delicate and yet also provocative and sexy. What a dancer she’s become! She used her body in ways that amazed me and this dance along with her cha cha were my favorites this season. Wonderful choreography and dancing, Derek. Superb. I couldn’t ask for more except to see the dance again.