old – DWTS 3-22-10

The blog from Embrace Your Magic continues here on these pages and I continue my musings in the tradition of the performance analysis I gave for previous seasons of DWTS.

After reading tweets in which people were asking, “Who are you voting for?” before the show had even begun, I begin the season wary of what that might mean. This season as in the past, we have professionals used to performing, some with dance experience, some rank beginners. It’s not fair but obviously the show doesn’t want fairness. Can a rank beginner hope to compete? Maybe, depending on who they are and what they do and if they improve as the show nears the finals.

My hope is always that viewers vote for the best dancer and most improved no matter who the celebrity may be.

Chad & Cheryl. Cha Cha. My mark 7.

Sexy, nice sense of rhythm. He could be powerful but right now he’s too new and thus a little stiff and slow. He’s not comfortable yet. I’d like him to allow himself to ooze his sensuality and flow all his moves musically and powerfully. I felt he was holding back energetically. There’s lots going on below the surface.

Mark & Shannen. Waltz. My mark 6.

She can be musical and gets the music. She was sometimes awkward and her arms looked uncoordinated because she doesn’t understand that the arms are more than appendages and come off the center of the body, affecting the back, chest and one’s whole “embracing” of life. I think Shannen’s acting ability will help her. She shows great promise.

Erin & Maks. Cha Cha. My mark 6.

Erin’s lanky and her legs often look better than her arms. That is, I’m not distracted by her legs and feet but I do look at her upper body, puzzled at what’s causing a distortion in how she’s presenting who she is and the dancing she wants to do. She understands how to dance and can have fun with Maks, if he’ll get her and let her. Not sure what the judges were asking her to do in stretching the leg–perhaps through the knee so it’s straight rather than bent? I was looking at her presentation of herself through the chest and port de bras (use of the arms) because that’s the first thing we’re usually struck by and the biggest attention taker.

Jake  & Chelsie. Waltz. My mark 7.

Very graceful for someone who in rehearsal looked like he could not pick up the steps and might be klutzy. Great potential. He looked good except a couple times when his hands and arms looked stiff. He’s charming and that came through. I thought Chelsie did a good job with him. Still, they’re going to have to knock our socks off and keep doing it to compete with all the potential in this lineup.

Niecy & Louis. Cha cha. My mark 6.

She loves it. She’s pretty musical and I loved her sense of humor which Louis used well. Sometimes she’s a tad slow. She seems comfortable doing the whole thing. Not sure how far a comedienne can go on this show and that’s how I read her strengths.

Evan and Anna. Waltz. My mark 7.

He enjoys it and is graceful. I wanted him to breathe more so that the breath and a different sense of ease would carry through his chest and arms. I think he’s someone uptight at moments from not believing or trusting that who he is is enough–allowing his sense of himself, his gifts to carry him through. He’s a perfectionist because of some fears he has and may not trust spontaneity and feeling. I want him to have more enjoyment at the same time that I really enjoyed what he did. I’m looking forward to seeing how he grows.

Buzz & Ashley. Cha cha. My mark 4.

Although I’m all for seniors ballroom dancing, I can’t vote for what I don’t see. He was pedantic. He gave a good effort and enjoyed it and was at ease with it. His age and beginner status shows. He’s not too musical and the moves he was given had to be kept simple. Unfortunately that made the dance uneventful and uninvolving.

Nicole & Derek. Waltz. My mark 9.

She’s got a lovely delicacy that I’d never expect from what she does. I really enjoyed them. She’s musical and at ease in what can be a tricky dance. She’s warm-hearted and her lightness and joy along with Derek’s partnering and choreography allowed me to fall in love with this couple so that no matter what else might have been going on technically I saw only the dance, the romance, the grace… the beginnings of magic.

Aiden & Edyta. Cha cha. My mark 5.

He posed more than he danced because she must have felt she needed to choreograph it that way for a beginning dancer. Sexy yes, but he’s not musical, or at least, I couldn’t tell that he is. He needs to go out dancing, play with it and have fun. All the celebs who are actors need to consider that if they’re playing a character or assuming a role, that character inhabits the body in a certain way, moves in a unique way. That could help any of the actors competing. Hope Edyta can capture the charm that is there or give him a suitable role–playboy? Mad Max? He may not have the popularity he needs to get that far though.

Kate & Tony. Waltz. My mark 4.

Whatever sense of herself she may have, she lost, as well as how to most effectively use her body. Her arms were not bad, though her feet were atrocious. She does have some musicality. Kate doesn’t necessarily have the acting persona to fall back on when her nervousness gets the better of her, but she could, as Kelly did last time, use her vulnerability and sweetness to help her.

Pam & Damian. Cha cha. My mark 7.

Not sure it was cha cha but she can move. It was sexy and she knows how to use her body. She was engaged and Damian used that and used her well. However, in some ways she didn’t really need him. She’s instinctive and sensual and she created her own kind of magic. That is what I was aware of, and that is the source of her star quality. Will these two be able to find a way to dance together and to create magic together? Maybe if they can find the heart of each dance and they learn how to give each other simple emotional valentines.

Those who create magic often win, especially if they have the popular vote behind them. Can someone unexpected razzle dazzle us? What do you think? Find me on Twitter and let me know. #DWTS