Old – DWTS 4-12-10

Tango and rumba elicit visions of steamy sensuality, passion and romance. How many of the celebrities with their pros moved us in these dances? What is “dancing?” Leave your comments below or send them to me via Twitter or Facebook.

Erin and Maks. Tango. My marks Technique 6 Performance 8.
Really enjoyed the choreography and she did well. There was a beginning attack and tension appropriate, but there didn’t feel like a sensuality or sizzle here. I saw an insecurity in Erin’s stance and this often comes from the feet and in this case, I wondered if she was comfortable dancing in high heeled shoes. She had back pain and spasms and she was thrown back twice into deep back bends, plus wearing heels that can throw a woman’s body forward, which could further contract back muscles. Erin performed well and had a character, maintaining a semblance of tango style. Although she doesn’t excite me as a performer, I can’t fault the dancing. I think that what detracts from this couple’s performance is that I don’t feel a connection or chemistry between them. Maybe there is one but she doesn’t know how to show it or amplify it. I’d like to see a celeb partner who can match Maks’ potential. He’s an intriguing man.

Evan & Anna. Tango. My marks Technique 8 Performance 8.
In rehearsal, I thought I saw one of Evan’s feet sickle. Though I disliked this music as representative of tango, Evan was strong and had a great attack.  There were some wonderful contrasts in performance and choreography. Although Evan picks up quickly and shows nuances, again I didn’t feel the connection between these two in a way that spoke “Tango.” I felt Evan was robotic, performing from a technique standpoint rather than from an emotional, embodiment of a character. I would like to see Evan work from the latter. Due to the tension, focus and strength required of this style and Evan’s height, I don’t expect him to get the emotional or felt aspects of this with this dance right now, though I personally would enjoy him more as a performing professional if he were able to come from that place.

Niecy & Louis. Rumba. My marks Technique 5 Performance 7.
Lovely connection and sensuality but I grew bored. There was a sameness to the dance that she was not conscious of. Louis would need to address this in how she moves in general, but also in the choreography. Sometimes when you are in the choreography, you can’t see something like this happening. There are so many dance elements to work with. If Louis starts to use more of them and help Niecy be more aware of them, they may last longer in the competition.

Aiden & Edyta. Rumba. My marks Technique 5 Performance 6.
Nice flavor and style but no hip action and Aiden was not really dancing. It was more poses, extensions and moving her. Edyta choreographed this piece, Aiden didn’t so the judges faulting Aiden was off the mark in my opinion. Edyta needs to give Aiden steps he can do and possibly she felt he couldn’t handle steps, which is why they ended up with the dance they performed. Still, I enjoy this couple and Aiden was much more comfortable. Perhaps he will come away from the experience loving ballroom dance.

Nicole & Derek. Rumba. My marks Technique 9 Performance 8. There was a lot of feeling in this dance and I could see the potential of it and that Derek was going for connection and romance. They didn’t perform effortlessly and rumba needs a sense of ease and flow. Whether it was nerves, wanting to please Len or Rumba’s difficulty that caused the problems, I still enjoyed watching this dance unfold and would love to see it when they’re performing it with more ease and the love of dance they both have.

Jake & Chelsie. Tango. My marks Technique 4 Performance 5
The passion was superficial and Jake is simply unable to find the earthy sensuality needed for this dance. I kept feeling his lightness even though he was driving and attacking. He understood tango, that was evident, but the couple never got the catlike slinky connectedness important to this dance. Chelsie needs to find a way in. Jake can dance and perform. What kinds of male characters who move would he most relate to that would help him in the competition? Right now he’s playing himself.

Kate & Tony. Tango. My marks Technique 4 Performance 5.
Yes, it was her best dance so far though she didn’t have attack and doesn’t come from the inside out so that movements connect into dancing. Incredible to me is that Tony found movements she could do on any level. Bringing in one’s personal life into whether a celeb does well seems poor judgment. Kate has enough stress and emotional distress to add that in to whether she moves on in the competition or is voted off. That personal situation and the fact that she has so many children seems to me enough of a reason to move out of the competition coupled with the fact that she is still the least enjoyable dancer.

Chad & Cheryl. Rumba. My marks Technique 6 Performance 7.
Well choreographed for him. Great hip action and though there wasn’t a lot of dancing for him, this was his best dance. He understood the style. He’s got a quiet sensuality that’s unusual. Nice work. Now can he move forward and grow from where he is?

Pamela & Damian. Rumba. My marks Technique 7 Performance 8.
She toned down and was exquisite. She was sophisticated and her ability to create character and aura simply works for her. The choreography elicited a connectedness and she added an allure that really works for this couple. She’s a pro… not just a sex kitten like she’s been built up to be. She’s a good actress and knows how to inhabit her characters so she can then dance them. I’m totally enjoying seeing this woman dance.