DWTS 5-16


Ralph & Karina. Argentine Tango. My mark 8.
At times they seemed out of sync. Though I enjoyed Ralph’s and Karina’s performance, it didn’t have enough magic, and by that I mean energy. A dance analyst looks at energy inside the body and how it is conveyed in performance. I’ve mentioned aspects of Ralph’s energy in all my posts. Ralph did his best yet that seemed lackluster. He didn’t have the inner reserves to sizzle and shine. There were some nice touches, changes in level and shape. However, Ralph still doesn’t know how to fully embody emotion or use the earthy, deep, rich qualities that come from inner nourishment, appropriate rest, peace and openness. These would heighten his lightness and bring needed contrast so we would be more able to see Ralph’s gifts.

Kirstie & Maks. Viennese Waltz. My mark 9.
Graceful and okay but not exceptional. Sadly,  I wasn’t transported by the performance or the choreography. I loved Kirstie when she was in Maks’ arms. These two do have a lovely connection. But when Kirstie moved away from Maks, she didn’t extend her arms fully nor embue her gestures with meaning and emotion. Arms were tossed out and shortened. Too bad because arms and hands express one’s core and one’s emotion in dancing and life. They add to line.

Unfortunately, I also noticed that Kirstie at times looked unable to be a partner and so Maks then pulled her around the floor. In the semi-finals, the dancers need to be balanced in leading and following. I feel that somehow Maks lost the connection to who Kirstie is – that goofball sense of humor and sarcasm she displays – which he also has with her that would make them create something extraordinary together.

Chelsea & Mark. Argentine Tango. My mark 9.
Moments of lovely intertwining and connection, of beautiful and unique choreography shared in a more intimate way than in some of the other dances. There were also moments when Chelsea futzled. She isn’t dynamic in the legs. She needs to understand the difference between simply “doing” a movement, copying it, and going beyond to make us feel it. Not merely pointing a foot but sliding it through sand or placing it in a silk stocking so the whole leg is engaged and filled with energy and purpose, or wrapping a leg around Mark with such conviction and articulation that the air has substance and she signals us kinesthetically that he has something she can’t live without.

Hines & Kym. Argentine Tango. My mark 9.
Hines is always enjoyable to watch as he’s so grounded. Some of the choreography was unusual. However, there was some futzling and some moves that didn’t seem to gel. At the end, we all saw how difficult this number was for Hines after Kym’s accident. However, no matter what Hines does, even at times when the beginning dancer that he is shows itself (which it did not in this performance), Hines has a grace and quiet sensuality that allows us in and that could very well win the trophy for him.

Ralph & Karina. Salsa. My mark 8.
Large steps for salsa from both Ralph and Karina. Sexiest I’ve seen Ralph. Some great, creative moves. But not enough this late in the season.

Kirstie & Maks. Paso Doble. My mark 9.
Reminded me of Vampirish Eyes. Kirstie was often loose and her movements became unclear until she did a strong movement and that impression vanished. Strong and well-danced – but – who ARE they? They have not established their “trademark.” They’re uneven.

Chelsea & Mark. Rumba. My mark 9.
Emotionally convincing, passionate, sensual and expressive. The most emotional and expressive that Chelsea’s been. There were moments I noticed odd foot placements then that vanished and I was back in the sensuality of the dance.

Hines & Kym. Salsa. My mark 10.
Hines really had fun. He can do anything. Big steps again for salsa. However, his gentle charisma – the smile and joy – takes it.

Cha Cha competition:  Most of the couples were fun to watch. Kirstie and Maks appealed due to their connection and slinky looseness. However, Hines and Kym and Chelsea and Mark stood out. Chelsea really connected and her sensuality and emotion were compelling.