DWTS 5-23-11

This season I’ve had no favorite and I do not feel there is a clear front runner so the last dances for the trophy would need to change my mind and win me over.

Judges’ Choice.

Chelsea & Mark. Samba. My mark 9.
Danced well and Chelsea did the best she could. Yet, there was something about this number that made it seem too even without enough dynamics and crispness for Chelsea. I found the choreography pedantic with a predictability to it. I wanted to be able to feel myself dancing with them. I didn’t. Lots of shaking and yet, fast dances like this need an unusual experienced dancer to let us in kinesthetically.

Kirstie & Maks. Samba. My mark 9.
I didn’t see any change in how Kirstie used her arms and hands and found the choreography about as pedantic as Mark’s but it was partly the music. Kirstie is very sensual, silky and loose. The dance made me think of Arabian belly dancing. Lovely. Despite what I said about the choreography, I did enjoy them.

Hines & Kym. Quickstep. My mark 9.
Really enjoyable and fun. Sometimes Hines’ feet were okay and other times they were pretty bad, sickled even. Hines was exuberant and so loving the dancing. That’s effective!


Chelsea & Mark. My mark 9.
Thank goodness for the second half of this dance. In the beginning I felt, this showcases Chelsea’s talent? Doubtful. Chelsea looked under rehearsed and rushed and the dance came off as chaotic, sectioned-off and often lacked flow.  I loved the black light section though. It had more cohesiveness and was  better danced. I’d like to see them improve on this and do it again in a way that Chelsea could feel more secure.

Kirstie & Maks. My mark 8.
Though moments were lovely, I felt that the choreography was thrown together and stunts were thrown in just to be there. This dance had no core, no rhyme or reason. Despite this, I enjoyed the beginning and the rumba section.

After these first two dances, I reflected on what was happening. I wondered what had happened to the idea that less is often more. To ballroom dancing being enough. Dancing with the Stars is about dancing – ballroom dancing that entertains. So far I was astonished that two pros didn’t appear to believe enough in their partners and in the ability of straight ballroom styles to be magical, engaging and transformative championship material. What had Mark and Maks wanted to convey? Can we have a do over?

Hines & Kym. My mark 9.
Fun. Different. Enjoyable. A bit chaotic and choppy in parts and did we need so many lifts all strung together? Choreography can’t flow when so many stunts are stuck in willy nilly. Still, I got the effect. Hines wanted a half-time show – all sparkles and majorettes. He was a drum major with a baton twirler partner.

Still no front runner. No one wins. First tie on DWTS? Can the show let that happen?