DWTS 5-9-11

Chelsea & Mark. Waltz. My mark 9.
A modern dance routine. Well-danced, romantic and Chelsea and Mark have a wonderful connection. Len’s concern with story fits my take that the modern dance quality of the choreography covered a lot of the waltz aspect of the dance. Chelsea was serene and did the steps like a pro as she always does. However, I wasn’t quite transported and didn’t and haven’t really found the magic lately with these two after the promise of their Harry Potter piece. My feeling is that a more traditional, light, airy princess kind of waltz would have been more profound for them. She’s an actress so I would invite her to be more honest, more open – show us who she is – her vulnerable emotional side outside of what she’s learned “technically” to do as an actress. I need more emotion from her, less hard-edge and more delight and  spontaneous “real” exuberance.

Hines & Kym. Foxtrot. My mark 8.
A beginner look to some of his footwork and again pedantic in parts. Hines isn’t a performer/entertainer and though he did all the steps wonderfully, musically and gracefully, I simply don’t feel anything from him or from this couple and I never have. They do well, it’s not that. He doesn’t “sing” it, soar it – create magic. Yes, he has a pleasant demeanor but he doesn’t sell it – at least to me.

Romeo & Chelsie. Tango. My mark 9.
Dynamic and fluid. Romeo really got tango and the intensity for such a young fellow new at dancing was amazing. When Romeo gets it, the transformation captivates. Chelsie did a good job with this dance for Romeo’s level. I would have liked more dynamics, sizzling attack and sustained pauses and more intricate footwork for her.

Ralph & Karina. Viennese Waltz. My mark 10.
Passionate and wonderfully danced. The level of emotion! The choreography was simple but unique and suggested a mysterious connection between these two beings. A strange waltz that reminded me at times of Argentine Tango. Ralph’s strength and immersion in the role and the uniqueness of Karina’s choreography made this a winner in my book.

Kirstie & Maks. Argentine Tango. My mark 9.
This was an incredibly uneven performance. There were moments of passion and drama in which Kirstie had such an intense connection with Maks, and then the next moment I’d see Kirstie the beginning dancer not fully extending her arms, not sure where her frame was or how to use her hands, looking a bit loose and ungainly without the attack required. Tango is crisp with slick footwork and a wrapping of the legs around the partner that if it came with sound effects would be like pulling velcro off velcro. Kirstie never attained that quality in her legs and feet, although her facial expression and upper torso demonstrated her wonderful qualities as an actress. I waivered between and 8 and 9 here and had to look at the dance again in order to write about it.

I N S T A N T   D A N C E ——————->

Chelsea & Mark. Salsa. My mark 9.
Fun, well-danced, great expressiveness from her. She looks like a pro and she can handle anything Mark throws at her. However, sometimes they’re like two perfect robots. She learns really really well. He’s sharp, dynamic, funny and they dance over the music instead of with it – being it. She’s into it but doesn’t reach out and pull me in, transporting me, allowing me to share kinesthetically, so that I grow fonder and fonder of her, getting ecstatic.  I gave them a 9 because they are technically so polished.

Hines & Kym. Jive. My mark 9.
I really felt Hines this time. Energy was great and for a beginner Hines did an amazing job. It was entertaining, relaxed and he had a good time which he conveyed with ease. Great job.

Romeo & Chelsie. Salsa. My mark 8.
Romeo had fun and the two of them were musical and dynamic. Romeo seemed to take rather big steps for salsa and his long legs stood out snagging my attention when I needed to be so into the flow and sizzle and Latin flavor.

Ralph & Karina. Chacha. My mark 8.
Well danced, fun, dynamic. I enjoyed how Karina used the injury in the beginning, giving the knee good mojo and Ralph rose to the occasion. A good chacha. I felt Ralph’s energy was a bit low and with his injury that made sense. I do feel he sold it despite this.

Kirstie & Maks. Salsa. My mark 8.
They had fun and danced well together. I missed the story and characters of other dances though and feel I need to see more from them to name them champions.