old – DWTS 9-27-10

Sure hope someone’s going to rise to the top and be the creme de la creme this season. There’s a quality that’s missing for me as much as I enjoyed several of the contestants.

Rick & Cheryl. Jive. My mark 6.
He did all the steps & wow what a charmer. Mister Debonair. However, there was little attack or sharpness and way too little articulation of the feet and a kind of too big, too loose way he used his legs. I reacted to celebs being asked to do Jive in the 2nd week. Let them get in better shape so we viewers can find their work more enjoyable later in the season.

When Rick spoke about building stamina in rehearsal I wondered about that. He has for me an “energetic” feel of someone who a) eats a lot of pasta and b) works out from his chest up. The rest of him lies forgotten. It is as though he went to sleep on a couch and when he awoke did lots of weight lifting but forgot how to ignite the passion in his lower half. But I essentially forgot all that because he had such fun with Cheryl and with the music.

Florence & Corky. Quickstep. My mark 7.
Corky’s beginning move confused me. I wasn’t sure it was supposed to be funny. Yet no commentary on that from the judges like last time with Margaret Cho. Florence did all the choreography but somehow I didn’t enjoy it. I kept noticing her costume. Maybe it was the energy that felt squashed down. Then too the focus seemed sometimes too much on Corky. She’s the star feature. She didn’t seem allowed to be her funny self yet he acted as comedic as he wanted. This dance just didn’t have the sparkle that the Quickstep needs.

Brandy & Maks. Jive. My mark 7.
I feel like Brandy has loads in her if Maks can help her bring it out. There was one glitch I saw, but she did all the steps well. Her feet are a bit sluggish and need more sharpness.

Brandy looks like she holds in a lot of her exuberance so the steps don’t feel strong or done with conviction. She doesn’t like to struggle so if I were working with her I’d want to use CCT. It’s an energy modality that allows you to let go, set goals and bring into awareness what’s going on – what you may be struggling with underneath the dancing. I use it myself in my ballroom privates and group lessons. I’ve gotten through several issues that might have stopped a younger me from continuing to take lessons.

Brandy could play with the rhythm of the music, slows and quicks. Jive is a difficult dance so I don’t expect all of this so early in the season.

Chelsie & Michael. Jive. My mark 6.
Better than last week for sure. I felt the music and his sense of rhythm helped him. He’s a bit loose in the arms and without frame through most of this dance but I saw Jive sometimes. I also think that Chelsie achieved what she was going for: he did move and he looked like he was doing the best he could.

A good teacher addresses what her student needs and that may not necessarily be what’s going to sell. He came out and did the dance when being Michael Bolton he could have called in sick. I’d say take what you can from the judges’ tips, but remember they’re playing to an audience. I hope Chelsie continues to teach for him so he senses that ballroom dance can be fun and lets his body sing along with his wonderful voice.

Audrina & Tony. Quickstep. My mark 8.
Very enjoyable. I got the perkiness of the style and music. Loved that she allowed her head to be musical too. She had fun and is very natural and graceful. There were a couple times where I noticed the lack of articulation of her feet, but there’s lots of potential. It was the best dance so far.

Jennifer & Derek. Jive. My mark 8.
Dynamite! Loved it. I couldn’t believe how well Jennifer danced. Kudos to her for coming back from the trauma of surgery and cancer to dance for us. She lost the stretch in her feet a couple times but wow – amazing energy, stamina and natural, simple, exciting choreography.

Margaret & Louis. Jive. My mark 6.
I respect that she wants to show her vulnerability, yet somehow last week I saw more of her performer self in using comedy – even if it got lower marks. She was a bit slow for the difficult jive and holds her chest and shoulders as though they’re one piece. This may be a protective stance for her. She needed more attack and sharpness for this style dance. She did the steps, flowed with it all, and maintained energy throughout though I would have marked this dance higher had she been able to pick up some of Louis’ attack and spiritedness.

Kyle and Lacey. Quickstep. My mark 8.
Loved loved loved them. Really a quickstep to me. Kyle was a delight – his zeal was contagious. Great performance! I forgot technique when I watched him. He’s so natural and his genuineness allowed me to end up loving the whole dance as much as he did doing it for us. Lacey gets him and it shows up in the dancing.

Kurt & Anna. Jive. My mark 7.
He enjoyed it and did the choreography he was given. He’s very musical; however, his stance seemed a bit wide and he needed more attack and precision for this dance. He put me at ease though because he was so at ease and singing along with the music.

The Situation & Karina. Quickstep. My mark 6.
He did the steps and was better than last week, but he seemed to need to focus so intensely on the counts that for me it was not as fun as it could be to watch. Can Karina turn him around? I wonder. I’d like to see him let go of the need to perform and wisecrack so maybe he can dance from his heart.

Bristol & Mark. Quickstep. My mark 7.
She did the steps and had some nice qualities but still felt a bit heavy and sluggish to me. I thought there were some nice touches with the head movements. Mark pays attention to detail and knew how to show her off. Now if she can allow herself to let go. She’s an odd combination. She smiles and “seems” like she’s okay about it all and probably is enjoying it, yet she comes off as a bit conservative and false. She also seems to hold herself back (it’s under the surface, a subconscious muscular holding that I see in her). If I were working with her I’d suggest she visit a spa for Thai massage or Shiatsu, so she feels what’s it could be like to be oh so relaxed… like being drunk without the bad effects of alcohol. Can’t wait to see what Mark has up his choreographic sleeve for next week.