Invite Enchantment – Make Your Soul Leap!

Invite in the awe of earth every day. Allow wonder, new perspectives and new choices. This can happen not only by taking weekly or daily awe walks in nature, but also by using the lens of an artist, poet or photographer in grocery stores, school, business, art galleries and museums.

lso, not all super heroes wear capes, you know.

Melanie believes in the power of the arts and using – playing with – energy… and intention… to bring new awareness to our daily concerns, imbalances and upsets. We can move out of boredom, worry, jadedness and fear. We can!

Some people call this, Arts in Medicine. Others a new form of healing like forest bathing, coming to us as shinrin yoku. It’s the belief that nature and art are divine and can speak to our souls, enliven us, connect us to the great mystery of life and Love in a way that texting does not. It’s known to relieve stress. It’s about opening ourselves to wonder – awe.

To see Melanie’s visual art, you might visit and like her mstinsonart facebook page (see below). She often has something at the Toledo Artists Club & Gallery in the Toledo Botanical Gardens, at Sam Bs Restaurant in Bowling Green, Ohio. To hear where she may be for an arts experience or a s a speaker, check her facebook page mstinsonart.

To purchase t-shirts, totes, hoodies, posters, greeting cards and more (not currently available anywhere else), visit 


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