The Arts for Inspiration, Transformation & Joy

Melanie believes in the power of art and dance to transform and heal out daily concerns, imbalances and upsets. As a transformational healing practitioner (energy healing/ balancing/ self-actualization coach), Melanie’s visual art works to empower, soothe and sometimes bring in peace – as is her intention.

Some people call this, Arts in Medicine. It’s the belief that nature and art can speak to our souls in a way that day-to-day conversation may not.Sometimes it’s about inducing awe.

To see Melanie’s visual art, you might visit and like her mstinsonart facebook page (see below). She often has something at the Toledo Artists Club & Gallery in the Toledo Botanical Gardens, at Sam Bs Restaurant in Bowling Green, Ohio (at least until April 2018) and presently at Clara Js’ Tea Room & Neopolitan Gift Shop in Maumee, Ohio.

To purchase t-shirts, totes, hoodies, posters, greeting cards and more (not currently available anywhere else), visit and

To view some Reiki-embued digital art, click here

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For your viewing pleasure and currently free:
At Picasa/aPlace4us: Chicago photos: Click here

Also available for purchase: At Saatchi Online


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