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Melanie Stinson Dreamscape
Vision by Melanie Stinson


Inspired by the musical, Key Changes, which premiered in New York in July 2010, these tees are perfect to wear anytime. Bowling Green State University’s Michael “Doc” Ellison, who wrote and directed the musical, invited the artist to design wearable art for his production.

Shattered? Broken? Think again. Reframe. With a key change, all the pieces rearrange.

☼ ҉‿↗༄♫♪❤❤༄♡♫♪❤❤༄ ҉‿✫

Now what do you see? Smoke signals? Faerie dust? Messages in the clouds?
A harvest moon and a bit of magic per chance?

Get your friends involved. What is this ART about? Use your intuition. Be the psychic you are.