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Princess Midori fumes about her siblings – her oh so bossy brother who always has to go first – and her copycat little sis, who is awarded new clothes while middle princess Midori is given her brother’s hand-me-downs.

Midori is stuck in the middle – even of the room she shares with her brother and sister – and when she meets a dragon, his ideas to get her out of the middle are the most wonderful things she’s ever heard.

The little dragon, a Sacred Blue, is a single child. He has no name and no friends. He’s watched Midori and her family for ages. Little does he know that through the friendship that blossoms with the princess in the enchanted forest, he will be awarded the perfect name. And little does Midori know what she will discover about being in the perfect place for her enchantment.

A story of friendship and discovery, The Middle Princess is a just-the-right length chapter book for any child from ages 6 to 10 who loves dragons and magic. The book was written expressly for middle children who fight with older and younger sibs and have to share their rooms. The book is also a good read for a single child who will identify with the middle princess and the litte dragon without a name.

Hilarede Centipede, A Many Shoe Adventure
Activity storybook for pre-school thru K

Symphony in C Dance Spirit Poems

Through a divine connection and infused with the celestial nature of ballet, Melanie “heard” many of these poems during her long stint as a member of the staff and then as freelance editor/writer for the New York City Ballet. It was an honor to see the dancers, know many of the choreographers, and bear witness to the divine play on the stage of the then named New York State Theater, to receive the infusion of grace that created this small book of poetry and art.

Symphony in C Dance Spirit Poems is your invitation to a spiritual encounter with the ephemeral… with the Dance… Alight!


  • “Weirdest of All” – published in Highlights For Children Magazine December 2003 with additional reprints and inclusion on Highlights online site following initial publication
  • “The Buzz Boy of Bradner Ohio” – Stories & Poems We’re All Forum: Northwest Ohio Writers Forum first anthology
  • “Sharanda’s Voice” – Honorable Mention winner in Writers Digest Writing Competition 2001

Butterfly Books


THE PRINCE OF NEW YORK – romantic ballroom dance drama – screenplay available

Logline: A Tony-award-winning Broadway singer with a dark secret from his past reconnects to his childhood love of dance in a television reality show and risks his stage acting career, his life and the woman he doesn’t know he loves to pursue his dream to dance.

ENCORE – dance drama – screenplay available
Logline: To make a comeback, a star ballerina threatened by serious injury faces off with the cavalier superstar who she blames for causing it.