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DWTS 4-16-12

Latin week on Dancing with the Stars – was it something to savor! In the weeks to come, although I will be looking for those competitors able to bring precision in footwork and… Continue reading

DWTS 4-9-2012

Now we’re seeing it: those beginning ballroom dancers. It’s a good thing too because without seeing the look of the beginning dancer among the celebrities sometime on this season’s Dancing with the Stars,… Continue reading

DWTS April 2, 2012

When I attended the Michigan Dance Challenge in Dearborn on March 31st, I thought thank goodness I’m not a judge for the pro part of this competition – too many dancers on the… Continue reading

It’s About the Discovery – DWTS March 19, 2012

So the media says the cast of celebrities on Dancing with the Stars this time isn’t stellar or exciting or big name. Who IS William Levy or Katherine Jenkins? Who they are is… Continue reading


As we go into Dancing with the Stars season and I go into analysis mode on here, I thought I’d take a look at some variables of choreographic craft. I often use my ballet… Continue reading

Everything Changes

In mid-March everything changes here. I analyze Dancing with the Stars here and usually don’t have time to post on my main blog site. I invite you to catch up with me though.… Continue reading

Be the Visionary U are

DARE! Experience alternate realities, realms of enchantment, and infinite possibility. HOW? Wear magic Take a chance and put on an original Start a new fashion or movement Try something new – different –… Continue reading

The Quest, questing and questioning

I see life as a quest and embrace the magic of that as much as I can. King Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, the sword Excalibur, and even the birds – hawk and falcon… Continue reading

Le Morte d’Arthur – poem after midnight

Opening to me finding the strains of this, a tattered gown the sound… oh Gawain, Lancelot… hmm. inside are tunes runes ha       magic spells haven’t written in awhile this way – poetry… Continue reading

Check out my Slide Show!

Since Slide will be defunct soon, I thought I’d show off this old creation before it disappears. Enjoy!  

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