Resonating with Showbiz

In an effort to spread the word – what word? The word. What are some of yours today? What are you broadcasting?

How about: New. Millennium. Crystalline. Celebration. Enchantment. Inspiration. Blossoming.

Melanie, the creator of A Place For Us, is looking for connection – one that’s absolutely Divine and heartfelt.

Like the music on here? So does Melanie. She helps you to sing these kinds of songs, dance these kinds of dances (often in your own personal seat on the silver screen of your mind). Can’t you just feel the magic?

You know you can perform with that same kind of aliveness, wish upon a star, tone, invoke and otherwise envision, create, partner, and promote live and virtual transmissions of joy, as well as lightwave frequencies that are just right for what you dream of doing, being, and embodying.

Connect today.

Melanie is looking for sponsors, grants, funds… producers, backers, and collaborators for the projects on this and Melanie’s other sites.

Like what you see and feel? Contact Melanie via e-mail or by scheduling an appointment at: aplace4us