Reiki, Family Art Experiences – Holiday Spirit in Toledo, Ohio


In Ohio, the metropolitan area of the Glass City, otherwise known as Toledo.

Dec. 16, 2008. Toledo, Ohio. 6:30-8:30 p.m. – Time 4 You: Community Healing & Sharing. The NEW Integration Yoga Studio: 4633 Bancroft (just west of Talmadge). Reiki, CCT, yoga, chair massage and more. Free. Offered monthly, though locations may vary. Enjoy relaxing on your time. Area professionals building a community of wellness and joy. Find Melanie with her special chair!

Dec. 8, 2008. Whitehouse, Ohio. 6-8 p.m. – Christmas Tree Lighting and Art Sale. Providence Street. Come see Melanie’s fairy homes, all sizes and prices!

Oct. 25 is National Forgiveness Day. If you’d like some help with forgiving–yourself and others, see the next entry and drop in… There are many ways to work with forgiveness.

On Nov. 15, find Melanie and A Place For Us: the Arts, the Earth, Life, Experience It! at Seagate Center in Toledo for A Day of Healing: Connecting with the Toledo-area Community of well-being practitioners, mentors, guides and joy/inspiration speakers, authors, educators and consultants. A great time for individuals, families and area businesses and excellent for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health! Come join in all day or part of the day. Many sessions and activities are free; some are by donation, and certain items will be on sale. Sponsored by Gods Circle of Angels.