Enchantment Experiences… its about transformation

Collegiate ballroom: UT Ballroom team in Michigan 2010

The Embrace Your Magic blog that I shared with several colleagues is an enchantment experience and so it has moved to this site. Read about my impressions of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) new season for spring 2010 here.

Reiki is an enchantment experience and so is CCT: think, Guided Meditation or Meditation-in-relationship.

My wraps, shawls, ponchos and wall hangings (all Reiki-blessed) are arts enchantment experiences, ushering in the transformation of a home, of a school classroom, of a gallery, of you when you wear them, and of your dancing or dances if you use them as you float, glide, try some petit allegro in your ballet attire or foxtrot or tango if ballroom is more your style (to keep you warmer in frigid A/C in summer or over a turtleneck in winter and could bring a totally holy Toledo kind of magic too).

Writing, language, stories, plays, novels, and screenplays–at least for me–are enchantment experiences… how structure, character, and story change and how you as writer-reader-experiencer transform through them.

Oh, did I happen to mention? This is a weaver of yarns site. Wooooohooooo!

Embrace THE Magic!