Crystalline Consciousness Technique in NW Ohio

CCT or or Crystalline Consciousness Technique is a complementary alternative energy modality or system. It is routinely offered as a psychic radio topic and blogged about on energy science blogs. Professionals from all walks of life use it as a daily spiritual practice.

CCT is a way to experience upliftment, satisfaction and growth, shift perspectives that are holding you back from all you are and want to be, and, it might be something to try when nothing else seems effective since it can be used in conjunction with other modalities, beliefs, and systems. Why? Because it connects you with your inner guidance, your inner Yoda, who is both practical (left brain) and spiritual or intuitive (right brain).

I use CCT in art to connect you inside with beauty, a new sense of enchantment about life, and fun, empowerment and inspiration. This art and my arts experiences can help you feel calmer, more comfortable in yourself, and more relaxed about any life situation.

CCT can help:

  • Dancers and performers. CCT creates positive group dynamics and creates ease in bringing you into alignment with your personal needs and professional goals. It can help inspire and ground you so you can perform with more brilliance.
  • Business Leaders and Social Visionaries. CCT helps you chart your course. It creates positive team dynamics and anchors in the energetic blueprint for the business plan, creating ease in bringing you and your business into alignment.
  • Artists and Writers. CCT helps you create with ease and joy, release anxiety and blocks to creativity, and reach deeper levels of artistry and expression.
  • Nurses and Doctors. Helps relieve burnout in intense work situations as well as speed healing.
  • Aging parents, relatives and friends. CCT can assist anyone with aging. Used along with Reiki in art specially conceived for nurturing and comfort, CCT can help transform the experiences of day to day life, grief or critical transitions.
  • Adults and children in need of de-stressing, comfort, tune ups and recharging.

I use CCT when teaching Reiki and working with dancers. I also use it at community healing shares, and as a writer/artist to create the heartfelt meaning I wish to convey.


Next Toledo area healing share is Tues. Oct. 13 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The shares are held monthly on the second Tuesday at Alternative Physical Therapy, 440 S. Reynolds Road at South Avenue in Toledo. Shares are Free.


Don’t just take my word for it… Anyone can use CCT to improve their life. Here are quotes from doctors, nurses, and just plain “regular” folks who have been using it:

“CCT has been a truly unexpected gift and seems to have integrated so many things in my life.” –K. Jaskolski, Yoga instructor, Maumee, Ohio

“Adding CCT to the Spa menu has allowed our guests to receive maximized personal healing in their treatments, allowing our therapists to avoid burn out.” -Patty Gorder, Spa Director, Moonlight Basin Spa, Big Sky, Montana

“I had an opportunity to sample (CCT) on a recent visit and found myself surrendering completely to the treatment’s therapeutic nature.”
Helen Mikseli, Spa Magazine

F-ease small opt“Crystalline Consciousness Technique has for the first time allowed me to interact and work in organizations in a more open and healthier way.

I work in a large healthcare system and setting up my energy fields and the energy fields of the hospitals in which I work, along with using the other tools that CCT offers, has made my days noticeably easier.

“My day to day interaction with staff and patients is smoother, communication is better, the bureaucracy is less bothersome and my daily migraine headaches are a thing of the past.

I invite anyone to try out some these tools and observe the effects for yourself.”  -Neil Patel MD, Albuquerque, NM

“As a nurse on a busy trauma unit, I direct my day within the system of CCT. Using these tools in this fast paced and ever changing environment, I am better able to be a nurse in the vibration of love and healing, which are my goals. CCT provides a path to quick grounding and recharging in the many stressful situations encountered in the day. CCT has positively changed my life and my experience of being a nurse!”
Maureen Mercier RN, Maumee, Ohio

CCT like Reiki is available in distance sessions.

-Melanie A. Stinson, LMT/Reiki Master Teacher
Advanced CCT practitioner

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CCT/Reiki image above by M.A. Stinson