Achieving a sense of ease

I don’t know about you but I get stressed sitting at my laptop. I used to sit without moving and probably breathing shallowly. I’d be frozen in my little chair space and if my shoulders were up or my foot was at some horrible angle, I wouldn’t notice–until–eek PAIN!

Now I know better–most of the time. From being a dancer who studied Rosen Method of Movement for a long time, I allow my body to move as I sit. It’s subtle, sometimes a swaying motion or a slight twisting. Yes, sometimes I forget and sometimes my eyes are glued to what I’m reading or writing. But when I remember, it makes such a difference. I feel better about myself, about what I’m doing–about life in general.

How did I learn this way of moving though? How did I begin to notice my breathing–or that I sitting as though frozen to the spot? It didn’t happen overnight, I can tell you that. I believe it came from noticing how often I did it and it hurt, and it came from my daily practice that involves multiple forms of self-healing and relaxation techniques including Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) and Reiki. It also comes from being a dancer and years of Rosen, moves designed by physical therapist Marion Rosen.

I know from my training as a massage therapist that relaxation is cumulative. We feel good after a massage for a few hours, a day, three days or more. The more we have massage or any other form of bodywork the more the body learns how to find its optimal state of rest.

This relaxation state frees the mind. It’s the gateway to awareness. It’s also the door to breathing in feelings that nourish and support. It’s why I’m so enthusiastic about any form of bodywork, especially those that help me see what I’m doing, have been doing, or allow me to grow and learn. It’s a shame that more people don’t realize the benefits of bodywork because our body is our temple and we could quite effectively use these body-mind-energy-heart-spirit modalities to help us live healthier more fulfilling lives.

There’s something else that you feel when you take in this kind of therapy… love. I believe you become open to more. You are able to find perspectives that support you, release the stress of life more often, and feel all of you in new and sometimes truly amazing ways.