Spiritual art here, there, everywhere

All my wearable art and most of my digital work is blessed with Reiki and could be considered spiritual art.

I was recently asked to contribute art to Michael Ellison’s new kind of musical, Key Changes, which had a workshop process in Bowling Green where I live. It will have a showcase production off off Broadway in Brooklyn starting July 9th. To see and purchase that art, visit my store at cafepress.com. Other T-shirts, posters, prints using my art are in my store aplace4us.

If you want art that’s framed to put on the wall, one sample of my early oil pastel work and a couple other pieces of digital art as prints are available through American Frame in Maumee online. Click here: AF

Reiki-blessed art promotes feelings of well-beingSome of my wearable art, shawl/scarves which can also be wall hangings, are available at Space 237 in Toledo. Some people might see them as prayer shawls. These light beautifully colored weavings can be given to those in hospitals and nursing homes as they are soothing and comforting and can be of great benefit to those suffering from most kinds of dementia. Originally created to offer a bit of protection from AC or drafts and to dress up almost anything, these little confections make wonderful gifts to wear, to drape over furniture, or use creatively as you see fit.

My ceramic/fiber jewelry–often brooches–which I produce on occasion, is available at the Toledo Artist’s Club mini gift shop in the Toledo Botanical Gardens. Call ahead to make sure there is someone there who can help you. I keep forgetting the gallery hours myself and have shown up on Mondays when most of the world knows galleries are closed. Framed art along with photographs and sometimes fiber art can be found in the gift shop and/or the gallery there on a rotating basis, depending on the show. The Toledo Artists Club has taken over where Spectrum Friends of Fine Arts left off and the board there is trying to build its name and reputation. You can see some really fine watercolors, oils, landscapes, nature art and photography there, again, depending on the show.

None of my shawl/wall hangings are available online as of 6-20-10.

Sometimes a bit of my art is available at the Toledo Art Walks offered through the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo. These days, however, I tend to give Magic Art Oracle readings as I love interacting with my public. These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are safe for any age. Completely intuitive and relaxing, these mini-sessions can become a game of story weaving and magical storytelling. They can help anyone become more creative. I often take along rocks and crystals – nature’s art – for the kids.

The Toledo Art Walk is June 24 from 6-9p and you can find me on St. Clair Street somewhere between Lafayette and Boz Arts Gallery, weather permitting. No appointment is needed for these readings.

For some fun multi-media art, check out my work on youtube.com and for my homage to Chicago (photography) visit my Picassa gallery.