If you believe in magic…

Hi. I’m Melanie A. Stinson, LMT, and I believe in magic. I thrive on the enchantment in this world. I get excited by mystery, by the wondrous, and that’s what I want you to encounter in me, know about in you, and re-discover in the world inside and around you.

I love close encounters of the third, sixth and twelfth kinds and I often find such divine ‘faerie-dust’  encounters in the process of writing and making art.

If you’re here now, chances are you’re on a spiritual quest and see life as an adventure you’re in, each moment unfolding its artistry and enchantment. Or, you may be searching, looking for something, yearning, as I still do.

CCT, which I use daily and with individuals and groups, and Reiki, which I teach, allow you to evolve at your own pace with you at the helm. I love to explore–me and my universe–and these are exquisite tools for that.

CCT and Reiki are your process and I am here to facilitate your journey on the planet when you set up an appointment with me online or in the greater Toledo area, or when you participate in one of my experiences. But they are also available in a different way through my art.

I give CCT and Reiki sessions because they have helped me when I needed a new perspective, when I quaked with fear, when I felt overwhelmed or overwrought and sought peace. They brought me a new sense of me, of what is possible, and aligned me with a greater spiritual vantage point, so that I could look more at the qualities I sought in my life than always at the next job or plane ticket. I know they can do this for you too.

I write screenplays because I love cinematic experiences, putting it all together–visual image, language, music, dance, characterization, story. I feel film connects us to romance and intrigue and infinite possibilities… even to rapture. Movies and movie-making are opportunities to find wonder in ordinary things and thus to translate life into something extraordinary.

Interesting to come to that. I am a translator of experience, a transformative and intuitive being, as we all can be when we follow the magic of the heart.