Magical Weavings

Art. Artist. My macrame weavings – faerie magical. Transformative!

Perhaps a session for you too or your child. You or a child comes to my artists house. We chat. You explore, gazing at all the art here, leafing through a book on stones or playing with an oracle deck (these cards are often beautiful art too, with messages for you).

Intuition. Psychic. Psychic reading. Not you? Really? What is it when something comes to you? An idea. A train of thought that leads somewhere mysterious. Something comes to me. Woo-ee. Synchrony. I share. Information you’d wanted perhaps or something new.

A child comes and with this play date feels safer, lets go of something troubling, finds a solution to a challenge. Eeek Zeek! It’s a game! An hour. 30 minutes. You choose. It’s a spiritual quest. You may try on a costume, a fabulous poncho and dream of a night on the town. Past. Present. Ancestry. It’s all fun! Come, give it a try. Call 419-308-2926 if you’re near Bowling Green, Ohio and set up a time.

Embrace the Magic!