Magical Weavings with artist and children’s author Melanie A. Stinson


Brownbag Lunch Series: A series to help parents and caregivers better understand their children and find practical solutions to daily challenges

February 19— Monsters Under the Bed: Alleviating Children’s Fears

March 19— Artistry at Play: Melanie demonstrates how she works with children using art cards and other media

April 16— Allergies and Other Sensitivities: w/speakers Holistic Health Practitioner Lia Ricci and Author Melanie Stinson

Location and time for all Brownbag Events: Asherah’s Garden Holistic Boutique, 315 North Grove St. Bowling Green, Ohio 43402, 11:45am-1:00pm (419-354-8408)


Winterfest Oasis

Saturday, February 15 @ 2:00pm-5:00pm— Past life and magical unicorn and other intuitive readings; stress-revealing energy attunements and relaxing Reiki sessions w/ Michael Ellison and Melanie Stinson

Cost: $1 per minute

Location: Ashera’s Garden 315 North Grove St. Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 (419-354-8408)

For more information about Lia Ricci and Ashera’s Garden please visit

* Also look for Melanie’s shawls and wraps on sale at Ashera’s Garden!